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The Danish fashion brand Ciso makes space for even more colours with the Spring 2016 collection, which, with a number of trendy details, is both exclusive and casual. Dots in a multitude of sizes and brush stroke prints. These are some of the new details that can be found in the elegant 2016 spring collection from the Danish fashion house, Ciso. As always, the wideranging collection contains something for every occasion, from cosy times at home to work, outdoor events and party wear. - This spring we turn the smart colours up another notch – for example with several types of pastels, says Ciso designer, Anna Sofie Kristensen. Ciso has chosen to frame the spring season in three colour themes: Beautiful peach combined with sand and black, and a gorgeous, gold colour that gives the individual styles an exclusive look. Feminine pink combined with grey, which makes the pink a bit rougher. Black and light rose – a feminine and elegant combination as an alternative to the classic black and white.